Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Ren {11 Months Old}

Ren! You are 11 months old (a couple of days ago...)!

You have been so, so sick the past few days. And that is why this post is a couple of days late, and also why I took these pictures the day AFTER you turned 11 months. I know it doesn't really matter, but every other month was on the 19th. But you were just too miserable that day. You were still pretty sad yesterday, but I was able to get a smile out of you anyway. You're such a happy boy. But I had to Photoshop out a red nose.

Ren, at 11 months:

*I took you to the doctor yesterday because you'd had a fever for 4 days, and we weighed you at 22 pounds, 3 ounces. You probably had lost a little though, because you haven't been eating with the sickness.

*You're still in size 3 diapers. You wear 12-18 month size clothes. I had to buy you some 2T-3T socks this week because none of the ones we have fit you. These new ones may even be too small.

*I took a couple photos last week for your birthday invite, and I'm glad I did because you weren't really up for photos yesterday. If I didn't have every month's photo in the same spot, this would be your 11 month photo because I LOVE IT AND I CAN'T STOP STARING AT HOW CUTE YOU ARE:

*Sleeping is still not your forte. I would so very much love a full nights sleep since that hasn't happened for me in 11 months (longer if you count the pregnancy sleeping problems). You go to bed around 8pm, and get up around 7am. You usually wake up 2-4 times during the night. Sometimes I nurse you, sometimes not.

*With you being sick, I've been putting you to bed closer to 7:45pm and you've been sleeping til 8:30am. But getting up around 10 times per night (yes, 10). I love you Ren, but I want to sleep.

*You still take a morning and afternoon nap, that are still the same in length as last month. And you still get super tired in the evenings, it's almost like you need a third nap but then I know you wouldn't go to bed til really late and then momma wouldn't get any time to work. Once you're well, I'm going to experiment with an earlier bedtime.

*You still nurse when you get up in the morning, before your morning nap, sometimes around lunch, before your afternoon nap, sometimes around dinner, and in the evening. That sounds like a lot, but you usually don't do every one of those feedings every day. So it seems like it's not that often. Usually you eat baby food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And you love it. You'll down a container and a half.

*You also love puffs and cheerios. Your favorite currently is these little cheeto-like puff things that are veggie dip flavored. You shove those in your mouth like there's no tomorrow.

*We've started trying to get you to use a cup, but you mostly just like to chew on the spout. I think you do get some water out that way, and you seem to like it. You're not good at tipping it up yourself though.

*You love to babble. No "real" words yet. You definitely say da da and ma ma, but I don't know if they mean us. You for sure know your name and a few other phrases.

*You started crawling on December 23rd, and there has been no looking back. You are everywhere and into everything. For the first few days, you had to be really motivated to actually crawl. But then you started realizing that it got you where you wanted to go and you just can't get enough.

*You pull up all the time. Like, ALL the time. You pull up on the couch, on the dining room table, on the bathtub, on our bed, on us. You really like to pull up and then let go. You can usually stand for 10 seconds or so on your own, and you get so excited about it. Probably because we get so excited and you are just happy when other people are happy.

*With your new mobility and standing abilities, you have some new favorite activities. You love to crawl into the bathroom, pull up on the tub, and knock all the bottles of shampoo and mouthwash into the tub. You also love to crawl into our bedroom and play with the TV cords (we are trying to teach you that's a no-no). But your favorite? You LOVE crawling over to Diesel's water and food bowls, knocking over the water, and EATING the dog food. Actually eating it. I had to fish it out of your mouth today and you were mad.

*Sutton was never into everything like this, so this is new for us. You've had some naughty moments already. I found you playing in the toilet water the other morning. You knock over trash cans and proceed to empty them. You try to propel yourself down the laundry shoot. Once Daddy is all better (he's been sick along with you), we need to up our baby-proofing game.

*You like to follow us places now. If Daddy goes to the bathroom, there's soon a little head peeking around the door, staring at him. If I'm in the kitchen, I hear the pat-pat of your little hands on the floor and then there you are!

*You started climbing stairs as well! Once you figured out this mobility thing, you have decided to go at it with full force. I was downstairs doing laundry and you were crawling around and I realized you were at the stairs, so I grabbed my phone to video you, and sure enough, you started slowly going up the stairs. Later that day, you made it up the entire flight (with me spotting you from behind, of course).

*You've started standing up in your crib when you wake up. We need to lower your mattress. You also are so curious about the camera/monitor and are always pulling it down to investigate. One of the mornings you were so sick and I barely got any sleep, I was sleeping HARD and finally woke up to the sound of the monitor. I turned on the video and there was a closeup of your eyeball because you'd pulled the camera down and were playing with it. You'd probably been awake awhile but I hadn't heard you due to my coma.

*It's terrible to change your diaper. You are always trying to roll over so you can crawl away and get to the cords for your monitor and fan that are on your eye level. You love cords.

*Bath time has gotten a bit trickier too. You crawl all around the tub and are always wanting to stand up. But it's so slippery that I'm always having to spot you so you don't fall and hit your head. You love your baths. 

*Your best tickle spots are your tummy, under your chin, and especially your thighs. Your laugh is the best.

*You are still very into touching our faces. Especially when I nurse you, or if I'm trying to rock you to sleep. You always grab my mouth and stick your fingers in my mouth or up my nose.

*We got a walker thing for you to roll around in since you like moving around so much and you hate it. You can only figure out how to go backwards and you get stuck and frustrated.

*You are so over toys. You'd rather play with trash, napkins, your brother's anything, cards, and cords. Toys are for 10-month-olds. :)

*You're a little momma-obsessed. I can't say that I mind. You whine when you want me to hold you, and get so excited to see me if I've been gone. I love that. You fit so well on my hip and I could just squeeze you.

*Bedtime is a pretty sweet time with you. I turn on the bathroom light and leave the door cracked (that's your nightlight), turn on your sound machine, and switch off the light. You know this means bedtime, so you always (without fail) lay your head on my shoulder after I do those things. Then I sit down in the rocker and you stay snuggled into me until I lay you down to nurse.

*You are just the best. I can't get enough. You are snuggly and sweet and happy and perfect. Here's the monthly comparison!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Christmas Day 2014

We always spend Christmas Day afternoon/evening with Adam's side. This year, his brother Matt and his family were in town for Thanksgiving, but not Christmas, so on Thanksgiving we took a few family photos. Here are 5 of the 14 cousins (+ one on the way, so soon to be 15!).

And all of us. We tried to recreate a pose from a couple Christmases ago and I think we succeeded in placing everyone in the right spot.

Now on to the "real" Christmas Day. After naps, we headed over to Adam's parents for dinner and gifts. Here's the kids table in the kitchen. Notice how not a single kid is looking where they're supposed to. What is wrong with them.

The adult + Ren table. Ren appreciated all of the holiday food. He loved eating sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, turkey, chicken. Mm mm.

Time for presents. Cousin Madeline was able to come this year again, and it was so great to see her.

Uncle Matt had sent Sutton a gift card and holy cow, was this boy excited. It may have been his first gift card and he was just bursting with anticipation of what he could buy with it. The sky was the limit in his mind. We ended up taking him to Target one day and he picked out a Power Rangers race car/robot transformer thing.

Ren's first Christmas was so different from Sutton's. With Sutton, I took 50 million pictures of him with every gift and was focused on him the entire time. Ren was just crawling around on the floor...content but not the center of attention all the time. Second kid problems.

We sure have some pretty nieces!

Sutton gave Grandma a book with a bunch of photos of them in it.

Ren got a dog that barks and walks. He wasn't too sure what to think about it.

Mostly he was more interested in Grandma's snowmen.

Okay, so I guess I still took 50 million photos of Ren. :)



Aubrynn broke out her guitar to sing us a song she'd been practicing.

Breegan dove right into some stickers she'd gotten.

Adam's dad always thought it would've been cool to be a forest ranger. So Adam screen printed up shirts for everyone that said Dreher National Forest on the front and Ranger Ed on the back. Ren even got a onesie.

Aubrynn loves her little cousin Ren. The feeling is mutual. Though he used to be a little easier for her to hold...

I needed a quick family photo of us, so we snapped one really quick before we left.

Aubrynn had gotten a Kindle Fire for Christmas, so she was showing Sutton the ins and outs.


When we got home and everyone was in bed, I took a couple photos of our tree.

And experimented with some heart-shaped bokeh. I may need more practice with this, but it turned out fun.

And that was our Christmas for 2014!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Christmas Morning 2014

On Christmas morning, we woke up and had orange rolls for breakfast. Then it was time for presents. This was the first year that Sutton had been anticipating gifts and having a really hard time waiting. Every day, multiple times a day, he would say "I wonder what I'm going to get for Christmas!" So we had lots of talks about how it's fine to be excited about gifts, but that we need to remember the REAL reason we celebrate's Jesus' birthday.

Nevertheless, he was so excited.

Ren was excited too. Ha. He just wanted to crawl around and tear up the wrapping paper. I knew he wouldn't be that interested in presents, so I just wrapped up some of Sutton's old toys for him.

Doesn't this picture make him look guilty of something?

Most flattering picture of Adam ever...not. We went small for each other this year. He got a Millennium Falcon tshirt and candy. :) I, on the other hand, got a date night. So I actually WAS as excited as his face is. :)

"Look Mommy! Paper!"

"A bag!!"

Sutton got some books, some candy, a game, a bunch of little stocking stuffers, and a few other small things, but his big present was a bike. A Captain America bike. He was so excited, he couldn't believe it. Here he is, telling me he got a bike when Adam brought it in from the garage.

Had to test it out right away. Sutton and Daddy have taken it around the block many times, once "without resting or stopping because I'm so good at riding my bike!"

This one makes me laugh:

Sutton also got this RC helicopter astronaut thing. All you control is how fast the propeller goes, so if it goes up or down. Really easy. Sutton LOVES this and still flies it multiple times a day and always makes sure he plugs it in to get charged when he's done.

I tried for a photo with my three boys to show their relative size this year, and this was as good as I could get. I've been trying to include Diesel in more photos lately because he will be TEN in April and you just never know how much longer he will be around. :(

Adam's parents came over towards the end of presents to see what the boys had gotten. Adam handed his dad a small box with a set of keys inside. This ugly car was in our garage for him.

Ed had found this Dodge Rampage on Craigslist and was dying to have it for a project car, so we got it for him. He's always doing projects for other people so we thought he really needed one of his own. Janet held the boys so I could take photos. :) She was in on the secret.

Definitely needs a *little* work.

A photo of Ren with his first Christmas stocking.

We played with our presents and took showers and Ren got a nap. Then it was time for our annual Christmas lunch at the Chinese buffet. I was so grateful to not be pregnant this year. Remember last year when I threw up in the parking lot of the buffet behind a snow bank? No? I do. Sutton took this photo of us. I think we'll start a secondary business to mine called Sutton Dreher Photography.

And I got a couple photos with my big boy.

The buffet was yummy as always, though we had a little trouble finding things Ren could eat. He ended up having bananas and mandarin oranges. And he whimpered and stared at me from afar each time I left the table to refill my plate. Which was a lot of times. :) I had to gain those 5 extra holiday pounds somewhere (for reals...ugh).


My loves at the buffet. Sutton looks thrilled.