Saturday, November 22, 2014

Snowy Estes Park

Last weekend, we went up to Colorado with my family to spend a weekend all together. Adam made this awesome video. The house where you see two people (Adam and my dad) standing on the balcony/porch is where we stayed. The people walking are my mom, brother, sister-in-law, and Sutton. I stayed in the house with the babies. :)

More photos to some point!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Ren {9 Months Old}

Ren, you are 9 months old today!


You've officially been on the outside as long as you were on the inside. Crazy to think it's gone this fast, but also I realized I can barely remember life without you.

You've been busy this month! Ren, at 9 months:

*Edited: We had a doctor's appointment today (Friday, Nov. 21) and you weigh 19 pounds, 11 ounces. You went down in weight which we're a little concerned about so you're going back for a weight check in a couple of weeks. You are 28 inches long. Head circumference is in the 98th percentile.

*You mostly wear 12 month size clothes. 6-12 month size socks are too small for you, but I haven't found Sutton's old 18 month size ones so we squeeze your feet in the small ones. You wear size 3 diapers.

*You cut two teeth this month! You don't like us to look in your mouth, so I didn't see the first one until it was already all the way through your gums. And about a week later, you had a second one. They're the middle two on the bottom and they're so darn cute.

*You've started waving. It's so fun and cute. You wave when people go bye bye. It's the whole arm going up and down.

*You mostly just say dada, though we're still not sure if you say it TO dada or if it's just something to say. You've also started saying mama and baba. You smile every time I ask if you can say a word, but you never repeat them. We're still working on saying dada, mama, and Sutton on cue.

*You are a pro with your pacifier. You grab it and put it in your mouth and if it's upside down, you twist it around either with your hand or your tongue to make it go the right way.

*You've become very momma-obsessed. You whine a lot more when I'm around, you always want me to hold you, you perk up whenever you hear my voice.

*You have started eating food a lot better! Lately, the foods you've been eating are applesauce, spinach & potato, banana, broccoli, chicken, and puffs. We've finally in the last week gotten you to eat enough that you don't have to still nurse every 3 hours. You're still not too great at putting food in your own mouth, but you sure try. I always find a lap full of food when I take you out of your high chair.

*You always hum or whine when you eat.

*You USUALLY still nurse every 3 hours, but if we've gotten you to eat a good meal you can go longer.

*You had been sleeping 8:15-7:15ish (with 2 feedings during the night), but we went to Colorado this weekend and something about it completely messed up your schedule. You were getting up 7 times per night and then waking up for the day at 5:30am. I was exhausted. Since we've been home, you've only been waking up twice again during the night to eat and then getting up for the day around 6:30. I'm hoping we will get back to our norm soon.

*You have outgrown your swing. You've pretty much outgrown your bouncy seat, but we still make you use it. That's how I get a shower.

*You've figured out how to get out of the Bumbo. :/

*You still aren't crawling, but you get up on all fours and rock a lot. You can roll around to get nearby toys sometimes.

*You've done this for awhile, but I feel like you've been doing it a lot more lately. If I pick you up, you bury your face in my chest or shoulder and kind of try to curl into a ball. You also do this when we see someone you like. You'll flash them a big Ren-smile and then bury your face in my chest like you're being shy. Sometimes you growl along with it.

*You've had a cold that has just hung around for the past few weeks. I took you to the doctor and they said it was an upper respiratory infection so we had to go on antibiotics. You seem to be doing much better, though your nose is still runny a lot and you blow some fantastic snot bubbles.

(We put up the Christmas tree last night so I thought it would be fun to use some of the extra ornaments in your photos.)

*Your hair is getting redder and is a lot thicker around the sides and back, so you look like you have old man hair.

*You absolutely love bath time. You go crazy with the kicking and splashing and you like to sit up instead of lay in your sling now. When the water is running, you're fascinated by the bubbles it makes and lean so far forward to look at them that you sometimes get your head in the running water.

*You are always so interested in new things, I just cannot wait to do Christmas with you!

*You definitely have your Daddy's personality and demeanor. I am a high stress person who has to remind myself to chill out and go with the flow. Sutton is that way too. You are just a chill, laid back little guy.

*You love your brother. You light up when you see him. He rough-houses with you and it makes me nervous but you love it. I put you two in the bath together last night (hadn't done that in awhile) and you kept laughing at him for no reason.

*You are 3 months younger than your cousin Carson but are bigger than he is. I think you're going to be tall!

*You are the sweets little thing and I am so blessed to be your momma!


Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween 2014

This morning, Sutton had a costume parade and fall party at school. This evening, we got 50c corn dogs and fun drinks from Sonic before putting on costumes. Sutton was Captain America and Ren wore the pea pod costume that his big brother wore as a baby.

Ren kept doing weird things with his mouth. He's got a tooth (!!!) and I think he makes these faces cause of that.

It was cooooooold here tonight (in the 40s), so the stocking hat was a must for our Captain America.

Sutton and Ren's cousins Aubrynn and Breegan came over. They were Elsa and Anna from Frozen.

Adam's parents came and walked with us to a few houses to trick-or-treat before heading home to get warm. :)

I've decided to make this photo an annual tradition:

Here's the comparison from last year to this year:

And we also had to re-create a photo from Sutton's first Halloween as the pea pod with Ren this year:

And side-by-side with Sutton's:

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Fall Family Photos {2014}

Ginger and I exchanged family photos last week and I love how some of them turned out! We decided to add Diesel in to a few of them this year. :)

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Ren {8 Months Old}

Ren, you are 8 months old!

At 8 months:

*Grandma Janet weighed you this past week and you were around 21.5 pounds.

*You wear size 3 diapers, and they're not snug at all yet.

*We're moving into 12 month size clothes. Some 9 month stuff fits you still. I bought you a 12 month size outfit at Target and had to exchange it for an 18 month size because you were just too long. Tall and thin, with chunky thighs. :)

*You continue to be so happy all the time. You just smile and smile at everything and everyone. If you are hungry, you get upset. Especially when I start making motions to feed you, then you start all-out crying sometimes. As soon as you're fed, you're back to our happy boy.

*You have started becoming more aware. When I'm around, you're whinier because I think you just want me to eat and hold you all the time. You will sometimes reach out to Daddy and I when we go to pick you up. You get sad when you're left alone for very long.

*You sleep from 8-8:30pm til 7 or 8am. You had been waking up consistently just twice a night, but lately it's been a little more rough. We had one night this week where you had me up 7 times. The next night was 5 times. And you didn't need to eat each time, you just wanted to be awake. I still nursed you almost every time because that's the only thing that would relax you enough to go back to sleep.

*You've been rolling over for awhile, but you've just begun to roll over in bed. You've always been a tummy sleeper, but lately I've been finding you on your back when you wake up at night. I think that's part of what's waking you up...the new-found discovery of laying on your back in your bed.

*I just put the crib bumpers in your bed today because since you're now rolling/moving around more in there, I've found you a couple times with a hand or leg through the crib slats.

*You nap mid-morning (the time depends on how early you wake up) for anywhere from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours. Then you take an afternoon nap around 1:30pm. That nap is still frustrating because you always wake up after 30-45 minutes and want to nurse, but then you go right back to sleep for sometimes up to 2 more hours. If you wake up early from your afternoon nap, you'll also take a short evening nap. Then you go to bed between 8 and 8:30pm.

*I still just don't understand that afternoon nap because when you wake up in the middle of it, you always cry/yell out...which is not how you wake up at any other time. When you wake in the mornings, sometimes you whimper or sometimes I just can hear you moving around. Same with nighttime wakings. You usually just whimper a bit, or do kind of a quiet cry. But that afternoon nap waking is hard, sad, or maybe even scared crying.

*You had been on a pretty consistent schedule of nursing every 3 hours. Sometimes it's still like that. But lately I feel like you've been eating less more often. And not taking a bottle as well when you're away from me. I don't know if it's part of you being more aware and realizing you prefer nursing to bottle feeding, and you prefer cuddling with momma more often, or if it's teething, or what.

*We've finally gotten you to eat a few things. You will eat broccoli, lunchmeat, cheese, puffs, chicken. I even let you try a little hummus this week that you seemed to like. But even with those, if I leave your pacifier on your high chair tray, you'll eat a few bites and then suddenly decide you're done and pop your pacifier in. There's a lot of whining that goes on while I feed you real food and I can't decide what that's about. Maybe you just still don't like eating much.

*Foods I've tried that haven't gone over well with you: sweet potatoes, fruit purees, meat purees. All seemingly good things that you just haven't liked.

*You've become a lot more interested in toys. You need to have something to entertain you when you're sitting or laying around, so we have a special basket of baby toys now.

*You're a pro at sitting now. We still put pillows around you if you're going to be sitting for awhile by yourself, but you do a really good job!

*You love love love bath time. You splash around and squeal and smile. This month, I've started letting you sit up in the bath, but we have to be really careful because you always bend all the way forward to look at your hands under the water and your face gets dangerously close to the water.

*You love to empty my makeup bag. It's hilarious how deliberate you are about it. You sit in the Bumbo on the counter and take things out one by one and chew on them then drop them and go in for another thing. You're much more interested in my makeup than any of your toys.

*You don't nap on my bed anymore. It's too light and too distracting in there. Your room is much darker and more soothing, so all of your sleeping is done in there now.

*You said "dada" all the time. I hear baba sometimes and I've heard mama maybe once or twice, but usually it's dada all day long.

*I think you recognize a lot of words, such as Mommy or Momma, Daddy or Dadda, Sutton, Diesel, hungry, sleepy, hi.

*You still are in full effect with the man-growl. You yell in your man voice all the time. It's still hilarious.

*You love to clean the hair out of my hairbrush. Sometimes I find you with fistfuls of my hair if I left the brush too close.

*You have the cutest little toes.

*You still grab our faces a lot, especially when you're tired. You love to pull at Daddy's beard.

*You just have so many cute expressions!

*You like to blow raspberries. You haven't gotten into giving kisses yet.

*You like to bury your face in my chest. Especially when someone is trying to talk to you. It's almost like a shy reaction. But then you unbury it and smile at them.

*You chew on your fingers a lot. You have gotten really good at putting your own pacifier in.

And here is our monthly comparison! You're getting so big!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Ren in Video

Ren is a pro at saying "da-da" lately.

So many times I want to tell Sutton to STOP OVERWHELMING THE BABY but Ren seems to love all of his brother's craziness.

And he loves his Daddy so much. Daddy gets the best laughs and knows the best tickle spots.

Monday, October 6, 2014

This Thing Called Busy...

Okay, I don't really have time to write this, but I thought I'd explain why I don't have time to write this post or any post, really. :)

Another photographer posted this on Facebook tonight and I just thought how perfectly it sums up my life right now.

I am so, so glad that my business is booming, but if I'm being completely honest, this is a very hard time of life for our family every year, but especially this year. October has always been a crazy month for me with tons of sessions and weddings, but add taking care of two kids into the mix with very little daycare, and it makes for one stressed momma.

Adam and I have opposite soon as he comes home I leave for a shoot. The house is a mess, and I feel like I'm in survival mode with the kids. They're fed, changed, bathed, and supervised, but they definitely aren't getting my best. I can't help but think how much easier this time of year will be when they're in school! But I definitely don't want to wish these precious years away.

Darn October.

Here's a fun photo of my two lovies cuddling on Saturday morning before I left for work. We've started having some chilly mornings around here!

In conclusion, if you know of any good babysitters that are available in the mornings, send them my way! :) I'm only halfway kidding and will really take suggestions into consideration. :)