Thursday, December 18, 2014


Yesterday afternoon it started icing here, then that turned into snow. It was a beautiful, peaceful snow that glowed in the streetlights. It snowed all night and then this morning, we had a blanket of white to wake up to. And it's mid-30s/low 40s so not too cold at all. After I picked up Sutton from school today, we had a chance to play in it a little.

At first, Ren was excited to be outside. But then he realized that he was stuck in one spot while his brother was running around. And he tried to grab some snow and wet leaves and realized it was cold. So he quickly got whiny. This was his first time wearing shoes! I only put them on him for the warmth factor.

I think this will be forever known as the pink-snowboot-era. Sutton got these boots as hand-me-downs from his (girl) cousins and he loves them. And momma loves free snow boots. :)

I we built a snowman. Sutton added the "hair."

My three sons?

Ren was nearing breakdown mode, so I grabbed him and we sat on the porch swing while big bro played some more. I couldn't help but take a few more photos of him having fun.

And I'm so glad I did because the photo below is one of my faves. Like, all-time faves. He's so happy and snowy and such a cute little guy.

The Bama sweatshirt is also a hand-me-down from cousins. Good thing he is 12th down the line of cousins on that side. Not sure what we'd do without all the free clothes. :)

It'll all be melted soon, I'm sure. But it was fun while it lasted! And now that school is over today, Sutton is officially on Christmas Break! After the school day tomorrow, Adam will be too. Woohoo!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Colorado Photos {Part 2}

And here are the phone photos from our Colorado trip, which tell a lot more of the story of our time there.

I drove with my parents and we left after I picked Sutton up from school that Thursday. My dad was having a little too much fun texting me about it. :)

My parents rented a mini van from a friend so the boys and I could drive with them (Adam drove up separately so he didn't have to miss as much work). Sutton got the very back seat all to himself and his toys. Luckily, he took a nap on the drive.

Ren and I sat in the middle seats. He kept leaning his head forward to look at me, and smiling. Little flirt.

We stopped in Limon, CO for dinner that evening at Denny's. It was Ren's first time in a high chair at a restaurant!

We got to the house that evening and got all set up in our massive bedroom. I didn't take a picture of it, but it had a queen size bed, a futon for Sutton, a closet and dresser waaaaay bigger than anything we have at home, and there was still more open floor space than the entire upper floor of our house! We had our own bathroom in our bedroom too.

The next morning, we did a little exploring. Sutton went up to the loft that was above the living room to look down on us.

Mom, Sutton, and I played a rousing game of twister.

Adam drove through the night and got there mid-morning. Once he arrived, we opened presents. Carson's birthday was on Thanksgiving, so we celebrated a little early.

We had lots of meals around this table. You can't really see the kitchen in the background very well, but it was stocked and we cooked all of our meals there.

Adam isn't a big fan of doing "nothing" so he and the boys and I found a bowling alley and took Sutton bowling for the first time.

Ren would jump every time he heard the ball hit the pins when it was Adam's turn. Not when I did it though...I guess Adam throws harder.

Sutton didn't really like using this ramp thing. He was a bigger fan of pushing it down the lane. Good thing we had bumpers. :)

We shared a basket of fries and some Dr Pepper and Mt Dew. Bowling that day was a fun memory, and we had the whole alley to ourselves. The staff treated us great, and the main guy who helped us was named Adam! We should've known he'd be cool. :)

After bowling, we met up with my parents in downtown Estes. Michael and Sara had gone for a hike. We went in several shops along the main drag. I almost bought a sweatshirt but had to think about it and then didn't have time to go back. I tried to buy a Baby's 1st Christmas ornament in a Christmas shop, but they didn't have any cute ones, OR any ones that said Colorado on them.

Mom and Dad strolling through downtown.

My parents left and we walked around a bit more. I had Renny in the carrier on my front, wrapped in a blanket and he fell asleep. He's such a sweetie.

That night back at the cabin, we had a little dance party.

It's so fun to see these two cousins together. I hope they are buddies, despite the distance!

Ren doesn't move yet, but Carson crawls AND walks. So he was doing circles and Ren would just stare. Haha.

The next morning, we had cute babies in jammies. Ren is actually taller than Carson!

Sutton gets in sad moods for no reason quite often, especially after waking up in the morning or from nap. Grandma tried to distract him from his moodiness by reading him a book.

That day was Saturday, and it snowed like crazy all day long. This is the same tree as the one in my last post. I took this standing in the front doorway.

And looking out the back from our balcony. There are mountains out there, but you can't see them!

Ren did a really good job about falling asleep wherever he was, which was nice since we all got lots of cuddle time.

Love my boys.

That afternoon, we bundled everyone up and went sledding down a road right next to our house. Carson wasn't a fan.

This is the back/side of our house. The closest part is the garage. That upper balcony is where we took all of Michael and Sara's outdoor photos. The lower balcony connected to the downstairs living room and our bedroom.

Everyone was able to take a turn sledding, except me. I had to take my two kids back to the house after Sutton started complaining about being cold. :)

That night, Adam hung a white sheet from the upstairs loft and projected the movie Elf on it. So much fun!!

The next day was Sunday, and Adam left to drive home (so he wouldn't miss any work, once again). He got about an hour away and realized he still had Ren's car seat in his car. So he had to drive all the way back. I felt so bad. My dad and I jumped in Michael's Xterra and met him in town so he wouldn't have to drive all the way back up the mountain. On the way back, we saw this herd of elk lying down.

We got back and Ren was napping with Grandma.

Ren tried a sippy cup with water for the first time. He didn't really get much, or know what to do with it.

When I put Ren down for his nap that day, I told Sutton that when I was done, I would put him down for a nap too. While I was downstairs, Sutton hid behind the couch so I wouldn't be able to find him for his nap, and...fell asleep.

Sutton discovered the iPad this trip. Lots of monster truck and ninja games.

The day we shopped in downtown Estes, Sutton found this ninja sword with a case, ninja stars, and a bow and arrow set. He sat down on the floor of the store and just stared at it the entire time we were shopping in there. He wanted it so bad. He said he wouldn't ask for anything else on the trip. It was $12, so Adam caved. Here he is, posing with his sword.

And a quick and blurry photo of the three boys together before we left on Monday morning.

Our trip was great, and we made lots of memories. My dad had bought Nerf guns for all the adult males and they were a hit. We had lots of Nerf gun wars. We also played a lot of ping pong, and Carson kept stealing our ping pong balls. He even got up on the table to be an obstacle at one point. So much fun with the family. Hopefully we can do it again!

Monday, December 1, 2014

Colorado Photos {Part 1}

I have finally had the chance to edit some of the photos we took while we were in Colorado. We stayed in this amazing 5 bedroom 6 bathroom house that Sara's boss owns. This fireplace was in the main living room where we spent most of our time, so we took a few family photos by it. (Sutton was upset...)

These were taken from our back deck. The Saturday we were there, it was snowing so much that we couldn't see any of this. Sunday was so clear.

My dad shoveling the driveway.

My mom and Sutton coming back from a walk.

Since Carson's 1st birthday was on Thanksgiving, we decided to take some photos to mark the occasion. It was cold out, so we kept the outdoor portion brief. We took advantage of Carson's cuteness while he was getting dressed.

Carson just started walking the week before we were at the cabin.

He was a little cold...

And here were some deer we saw outside our window.