Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter 2014

We went to church for Easter on Saturday evening, and finally had an occasion to dress them in the matching suits that Grandma Janet bought us for Ren's baby shower. Cutest thing ever. I may have to dress them alike more often. Ha! First, without the jackets:

Then with the jackets…Ren was melting down by this point because it was time to eat.

So in goes the pacifier.

Look at this handsome boy I have. I just love him and his quirky personality. :)

Then we were able to keep it pretty low-key on Sunday morning. We made waffles and played and just hung out. I explained the real meaning of Easter to Sutton since he was so excited to hunt for eggs later that evening. After naps, he came to me and said "We're going to go hunt for Easter eggs, but that's not REALLY what Easter is about. It's about God." :) Then we headed over to Adam's parents for an the egg hunt and dinner.

Uncle Steve held Ren so I could take photos and Adam could take video. We were THOSE parents, hovering over their child the entire time he hunted eggs, bombarding him with photos. Oh well. :)

Each grandkid had their own color of eggs to find. Sutton's was blue. He also got to hunt for Ren's yellow ones. Lucky kid. He may only be able to pull that off for one more year.

He couldn't stop chewing his candy long enough for me to take his picture. Exhibit A:

And exhibit B:

We took some family photos before heading inside to eat. Here's our first Easter as a family of four!

Handing off my boy to Grandma.

Ed and Janet with 6 of their 14 grandkids.

And just the cousins. Love them!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Ren {Two Months}

This month went a bit slower, instead of feeling like 2 months crept up on me, I was ready for it. :) You are so much fun this month.


Ren, at two months old:

*You are still a good sleeper. Instead of the 3 hour stretches at night that were the norm for the first month and a half, you've been going 4-6 hours for your first stretch at night. Usually that means I nurse you somewhere in the 10pm hour and lay you down. Then you wake up around 3am to eat, go back to sleep and wake up around 6am to eat again, then you go back to sleep til somewhere in the 9am hour. The last two nights have stuck pretty much to that schedule, so really it's like you're only getting up once per night since I wouldn't call the 6am feeding a night-time feeding. {You're awesome.}

*You're still a champ at nursing. We've been trying a lot more without the nipple shield. You usually will only latch on without it if you're not fussy or overly hungry. I don't feel like you eat as much or stay latched as long when we don't use it, so we're easing into it. You still nurse around 10 minutes on each side, and nurse a total of around 2 hours per day.

 Big brother had to help me test my light.

*You have different cries for sure. You kinda yell out in short bursts when you're hungry. You draw out the cry more when you're tired, and you screw up your face and yell when you get hurt or are uncomfortable.  That last one is pretty sad. You're not an extremely loud and obnoxious crier…usually it's just really sad and sweet.

*We had one incident the other night right before bed where you would not stop screaming even though all of your needs were met. You had a new diaper, I tried nursing you, I tried rocking you, we tried all different positions of holding you or laying you down, we tried your pacifier. Nothing worked. It was one of those moments where I felt like I needed to hand you off to someone who actually knew what they were doing, but as the mom, that's supposed to be me. Finally I stood up with you resting chest to chest against me and you fell asleep and slept HARD. Poor little guy.

*You still have some tummy/gas issues (probably what was going on in the incident above), but not nearly like the first month. I rarely give you gas drops anymore. Usually you're able to work it out on your own with some squirming. I cut back on dairy for a bit but it didn't seem to make a difference, so now I haven't restricted my diet at all other than steering clear of spicy things for the most part.

*You are a cuddlier through and through. Many times when you're unhappy, you just want to be held. You are always at peace when I wear you in my wrap…I think that's your favorite place to be. I love holding you but it seems like there aren't enough times where I have nothing to do and can just sit and cuddle. I need to make more time for that.

*I caught a little one in the photo above, but you've started smiling at us this month! Daddy is best at getting you to smile, but Sutton and I have gotten a few from you too. You're so sweet…the smiles light up your whole face.

*Often when you smile, you also start cooing or "talking" to us. It's SO DARN CUTE I can't even stand it. You smile and talk, looking right in our eyes.

*You have lots of different faces. The most common are a worried look, complete with furrowed brow, and the cross-eyed look. You also pout your lips like your big brother does.

*You're filling out your 3 month clothes. By next week, they may not fit you any more. You're a chunky little dude.

*You're still wearing size 1 diapers and probably will be in that size for a bit still.

*You look bald in photos, but you definitely have hair. It's just really blonde right now. I still think you will end up a red head or at least strawberry blonde.

*We've started getting into a bit of a routine. You usually get up for the day in the 9am hour, take a nap around 11am (sometimes in your crib in your room, sometimes in your swing, sometimes in your carseat if we're out and about). Sometimes that nap pretty much lasts all the way through til 4pm or so, sometimes you're awake just after lunch. We always go down for a nap when Sutton does at 2pm. (Though last week was my last week of maternity leave, so I probably won't be getting too many naps from here on out.) You take catnaps throughout the evening and go to bed in the 10 or 11pm hour.

*You still like walks. And you like riding in the car. Both usually make you fall asleep.

*As evidenced in the photo below, you're already trying to sit up!! When taking Sutton's monthly photos, I didn't have this problem with him til he was 6 or 7 months. You started leaning forward at 2 months! I kept having to push you back.

*You weigh 12.5 pounds.

*Your startle reflex is still there. Daddy likes to mess with you to make you do it.

*Sutton is still in love with you. He wants to hold you all the time still and loves to give you hugs and kisses. I finally put 2 and 2 together and realized that while he never acts jealous directly to you, he has been acting out more lately, which is probably because his world has definitely changed and he isn't getting all the attention.

Notice Sutton's shield on his back. Always has to be Captain America. 

*You've started spitting up more, which you didn't do much of in the first month. We're going through more burp rags.

*You definitely know me, which I love. Sometimes you just need to cuddle with Mommy to be happy, and I'm more than happy to oblige.

*When we lay you on your tummy, your head is always up now. You are so strong with holding your head up, and sometimes you're unhappy laying down…you'd rather be held up so you can hold your head up. When you lay against our propped up legs, you hold our hands and pull yourself into the upright position so you're not leaning against our legs. You also have started pulling your head up when you're in my wrap instead of always laying against my chest.

Our one to two month comparison. You're definitely growing!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

7 Weeks of Ren

Ren will be 8 weeks old tomorrow, and we'll be doing his 2 month pictures on Saturday! I've taken an Instagram photo of him every Wednesday since his birth and thought I'd put them all together in one post.

***One Week***


***Three Weeks***

***Four Weeks (One Month)***

***Five Weeks***

***Six Weeks***

***Seven Weeks***

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Superhero 5K

Sutton is obsessed with Captain America and also loves the Avengers. He also loves running, and tells me nearly daily that he wants to run a marathon. So when I heard there was going to be a Superhero 5K at the park near our house, I knew it would be right up his alley.

Adam signed them up and made himself an adult-sized shield to match Sutton's. They also both got Captain America t-shirts at Target and Sutton had been talking about the race for weeks. Friday night, the night before the race, he was playing in our yard and tripped and hurt his foot. Darn!

Here's Daddy and Sutton, all ready for the race.

Ren wasn't too excited, but he did great in his stroller for the most part.

I just thought this was funny…

Here they come!!

There they go!! So then Ren and I just waited/walked around until we saw them come back to cross the finish line.

Adam ditched the stroller a little ways out, and set Sutton down to run the last leg, but Sutton's foot hurt too bad, so Adam picked him up.

He couldn't even run this far, so they limped across the finish line.

There were Captain America cookies at the end!